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We believe that fueling your office culture leads to a happy workplace. Our clients tend to agree.


“This letter is to fully support my recommendation for Beans And Grind Coffee services. I have been using Beans And Grind to supply my department with coffee products for the past year and have always been completely satisfied. My agent always does an excellent Job. He is aware of the volume and quantity of supplies I would need to run my office on a weekly basis and makes the necessary adjustment when required. Beans And Grind is accommodating, you can call them any time for last minute orders, they are reasonably priced and they offer the most competitive rates. I am a satisfied customer and very pleased to recommend Beans And Grind Coffee services to your business.” Faith H., Administrative Officer 

“Beans And Grind has been our coffee supplier for the last several years and they have consistently provided us with exceptional service and products. Their excellent service team accommodates all of our coffee needs and always takes the extra step to make us happy. We recommend Beans And Grind to any business looking for a quality refreshments service provider.” Barbara J., Admin Manager

“It has been a pleasure doing business with Beans And Grind. They have been providing an outstanding Coffee program for us over the years and we are very pleased with their products and services. They provide reliable delivery and manage all of our refreshments needs. Their service team exceeds all of our expectations and is easy to work with. We would definitely recommend them for all of your coffee and refreshments needs.” Joe A., Account Manager Canada