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Office Coffee Services

Beans and Grind Coffee Services offers a customized solution for every coffee, tea, pantry essentials and refreshments need.

Should your preference be an online order, personalized one to one contact, automatically scheduled deliveries on a set frequency, or as needed - We have a simple solution for you. Call us today to start your FREE trial!


Online ordering is a snap, when and where you need it. This simple solution allows you to peruse our product menu, keep up on new menu options, place and review your order and order history. All orders are processed within 24 hours and satisfaction is guaranteed every time!



Inventoried service provides the benefit of regular inventory checks and deliveries based on dynamic consumption levels. A Beans And Grind specialist will determine your product requirements based on consumption versus a base line inventory level, and in many cases work with your onsite Refreshments Ambassador, utilizing an already established consumption level as a starting point.Our Specialist works with your team to ensure an accurate, approved, and dynamic level is maintained according to your needs. Quality and timely service is a given and our utmost priority.




Routed service happens automatically without the need for prompting. Worry free and on a set weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. Our Specialist will work with your Ambassador to ensure your supply needs are met, equipment is maintained, and that your are updated on our latest offering.

Put your Coffee, Tea, Essentials, Pantry and facilities supplies on auto pilot while maintaining a pulse on all activity. Let us do this for you. You deserve a break!




Pre call service allows you to set a standard frequency during which one of our specialists will contact you for an order at a time that is convenient. The specialist simply calls you weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, at the appointed time to place your order which is delivered on your set delivery day.

Your specialist will ensure your program needs are being met and that everyone is being kept caffeinated even if that means that we need to pay you a visit between scheduled deliveries for a top up due to an impromptu meeting.



Barista Level Service is a truly hands free coffee solution giving you and your associates a dedicated specialist to manage your entire program. Inventory levels, equipment management and maintenance, food service & catering, program accounts and specialized solutions. Your dedicated specialist will be a regular on site visitor ensuring your coffee, tea, pantry program, and food service and catering solutions are a truly worry free experience.* *Specific programs may incur additional fees.




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