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Starbucks Interactive Cup® Digital Brewer

You can now offer clients the Starbucks® coffee they love with a new digital experience. The intuitive design helps deliver the premium experience of Starbucks in a more personal setting. It’s the easiest way for clients to give their staff an exciting and rewarding coffee experience.


  • NEW! Digital Interface: Easy-to-use, interactive experience 
  • NEW! 3-Bean Hopper: More variety for every employee to find a coffee they love 
  • From whole bean to fresh-brewed cup in less than a minute: Offers employees a moment of connection—just like they can expect from a retail experience
  • Brew by the cup or by the carafe: Can reduce waste by brewing exactly what’s needed
  • New interactive interface that elevates the Starbucks experience.
  • Operational ease for simple recipes and self-serve convenience
  • Intuitive touch screen customers will love
  • Features three 2 lb. hoppers
  • Variety of Starbucks® Roast Spectrum
  • Meets customer needs with additional variety
  • Digital interface allows for customizable pricing
  • Works with wireless or Ethernet communications
  • Features cashless payment hardware with support






  •  Machine weight: approx. 125 lbs. 
  • Machine dimensions: 42" high x 16" wide x 22.5" deep
  • Electrical: 120v, 60hz, 12amps 
  • Water: Dedicated plumbed water line and filtration 
  •  Optional Brewer Cabinet Specifications 
  • Exterior Dimensions: 26.5" high x 18.5" wide x 21.5" deep
  • Stand Interior Dimensions: 23" high x 17" wide x 19.75" deep (two 11.5"-high shelf compartments)

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