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Our Story


Beans And Grind is known for providing superior coffee, tea, and refreshments experiences for businesses across the country. Exceptional beverages, sensible snacks, and a diverse equipment product offering. Unparalleled service Done Simply and competitively.

My name is Thomas Gwizdala and I am the Founder of Beans And Grind Inc. With my dedicated team we proudly offer a combined 50 years of experience in the Coffee, Tea, and Food service industry. As a group we often discussed the many things done well, and poorly alike, by the many service providers such as ourselves in the marketplace. The common theme seemed to be consistent among the many customers with whom we would often share a beverage. A Quality crafted cup of coffee or tea, delivered through a modern, reliable, and easy to use brewer and done with a smile every time because exceptional customer service was a given. But most importantly these things were done simply, because although your coffee and tea were the premium fuel for your day, the calming moment away from the stresses, and comforting warmth of a conversation with a friend, they did not need to be the reason with which your day was consumed. Out of this simple philosophy, and shared thoughts of many consumers such as yourself, Beans And Grind Inc. was born.

We look forward to serving you with your next premium beverage!