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Seattle's Best Coffee Total Lite


Ideal for your Seattle's Best Coffee program! Sleek & compact design with a premium selection of hot beverages. Freshly brewed Coffee available 24/7.


Ideal for the most demanding Coffee Consumers. The Total Lite has a 3 bean hopper, 2 soluble bins, and an interactive screen. A Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Brewer!


  • 3 cup sizes
  • Pre-programmed recipes for your convenience
  • Selection of 3 Whole Bean Coffees, Long Espresso, Hot Chocolate, Mokaccino, 50/50, French Vanilla, Vanilla Coffee, Vanilla Moka, Vanilla Moka Coffee and Hot Water for your favorite tea
  • Iced Coffee Option (ice machine required) 
  • A 7” touchscreen
  • 3 different security levels
  • An intuitive interface featuring a variety of specialty drinks
  • On-screen keyboard for easy programming
  • Multi level screen and access levels