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Franke A200 FM

The eyes always make the first decision. The haptic experience then confirms the impression. Everything feels valuable and obvious. The operation follows intuitive logic and makes it effortlessly easy to put the A200 into operation. We hear the ceramic grinder, and even these mechanical sounds create confidence. Then the scent of freshly brewed coffee! And the first sip of perfect crema and the rediscovery of authentic aroma. A Franke from start to finish. 


A perfect cup of coffee prepared with ease! That is exactly what the A200 embodies. The A200 was designed so it can be put into service and operated without reading a manual - simply plug in and away you go! This is a masterpiece of Swiss engineering that makes everyday handling of the A200 refreshingly simple. 
  • Simple yet customizable operation, allowing you to define as many as 36 products
  • Display guides to take you through the cleaning process step by step
  • Generously sized bean hopper with a silicon sealing rim to protect the refined aroma of beans 
  • Coffee with consistently high barista quality
    - Perfect Crema
    - Two types of beans for added enjoyment
  • Unique Milk Foam
    - Manual or automatic foam production
    - Individually adjustable foam consistency
  • Hot water for tea also available 


  • Standby timer, optimized power consumption
  • Height adjustable beverage spout with integrated hot water, easy to clean thanks to the magnetic casing
  • 2.4 Liter drip tray with level monitor
  • Generously sized bean hopper, easily accessible, simple to refill ( 2 x 0.6 Kg)
  • Two precision bean grinders with ceramic burrs
  • 4 Liter water tank, easy to access from the front; permanent water supply connection (optional)

Equipment & Training Video


Cleaning Process