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Encore 29


Cafection has developed new parts and components to simplify your maintenance activities as well as to optimize the cleaning procedure. And, after hundreds of successful performance tests, the Encore 29 is more robust and reliable than ever!


This high-quality coffee machine offers a choice of three coffee beans and three soluble products. With close to a hundred of beverage combinations, the finest gourmets will be satisfied. The Encore 29 is equipped with:

  • a high definition 18.5 inches touchscreen, perfect to promote your products and services!Display promo videos during the brew time*
  • Add your logo and short text to the right part of the screen saver*
  • Upload the logo of your favorite roasters to display on the beverage settings screen* and set the recipes to meet the high quality taste profile
  •  Everything in a single box: unpack, plug and enjoy! 


  • 18.5’’ touch screen
  • Fits a 7.75’’ mug
  • 29’’ height
  • Lighter aluminum case
  • 4’’ adjustable legs for easy clean-up under the brewer
  • Smoother grinding process (high quality grinder)
  • Noise reducing inside panel 
  • 8 lb capacity bean hopper mounted on a rail system
  • Choice of 3 soluble powder: hot chocolate, French vanilla and milk
  • Lockable products compartment for your safety

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